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Struggling With Your To-do List? Put EYTech On Your “Nice” List!

Imagine — It’s December 31st, 2017.

You’re at peace. You look back at this amazing year, and see:

  • Your best financial year yet with the app that started out as an idea. You exceeded your income goals easily.
  • A year of fun and friends and family! You had more time to be with the people you cherish the most. They can’t believe that the app you told them about the year before was so successful (like holy moly successful).
  • Amazing people that loved your content and app so much that they shared with their friends and their friends.
  • Now, because of the success of your app, you can take vacations and not worry about the price.
  • You can go to restaurants and not worry about what’s on the menu. $300 at one meal? No problem!
  • The stress of years of struggling and worrying about money is over, not only is your bank account has $1000’s of dollars in it, but you are debt free! No more Sallie Mae!
  • Your body is healthy, you feel refreshed because you don’t have to worry and stress out over bills, not being able to pay, or phone calls from nasty debt collectors asking for money.

How does that feel? Close your eyes and imagine it for a second.

Are you ready to create that business and life you’ve been dreaming about? Are you ready to prove to yourself and the world that you can DO this? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make this happen?

If you have a project in mind, we would love to provide the services that you are looking for to make your dreams a reality, especially during the holidays!

EY Project Spotlight: FingerDine

The FingerDine eMenu system embraces tablet technology to update and improve the dining experience. With stunningly displayed dishes, diners can almost taste the items the restaurant has to offer, as they browse the menu selections presented enticingly on the iPad further providing the customer to order, view and pay bill.

Hello! I’m Alesha, I’m on team EYTech! I lead projects relating to search marketing & optimization, social media marketing, brand & content development for clients in varied industries. You will also find me writing a lot of posts for EYTech too! I also eat food, write love letters to food (I’m not joking, I confess my love @aleshampeterson) act and play music! Nice to meet you!

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