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Quick Tips I Learned About Following Up

When I first joined EYTech, my business partner and the co-founder Divyanshu Chaturvedi suggested that we follow up on emails every other day until they respond.

At first I was like whoa. Isn’t that following up too much (is there such thing?)

Then, I started to see what he was saying.

The truth is, whoever booked the client wasn’t probably better, or cheaper, or more unique or had some special power.

The truth is they were quicker, and followed through, period!.

Quick Tips I Learned About Booking Clients.

  1. Answer the phone, and if you can’t answer, call back within hours and at LEAST the same day. Get an email inquiry? CALL THEM and email them. If you wait 2, 3 or 4 days they might have found someone else at that point.
  2. Don’t make the client wait for forever after having the “initial” meeting with them. If you said you are going to call them a week afterwards and they booked another schedule time with you, do it.
  3. Ask for the booking over the phone. After you go over what you do and why what you are going to give them what they need, ask them if they want you for the job.

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