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Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want A Happy & Successful Business

Any successful business owner with integrity knows that in order to do great business, you’ve got to create a winning environment for clients. If you notice, some businesses unfortunately focus on the “I” instead of “them.”

We’ve all seen the businesses and business owners that only cares about the size of their bank accounts, and doesn’t give two flying f*cks if the clients had their needs meet or is satisfied with the product or service. Those businesses also meet their fate quicker too. At the end, they realize it wasn’t worth it to get a quick buck.

Is your main purpose to add value to clients? Here’s questions to keep in mind as you proceed with your business.

  1. Can you work with this person? Can you succeed and win with this person? (Is this client right for your business and is your business right for the client)?
  2. “I don’t think this is right for me.” You might losing a client means losing money for your bottom line. But you try to serve everyone, you end up stretching yourself too thin and end up getting the wrong clients.
  3. When you already have a client that’s successful, how can you create more successes for that client?

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