Our Process

A process in itself speaks about the journey, the transformation, the trust and the overarching strategy of any project.


An idea though might looks small, holds the potential to transform itself into the biggest, greatest history of the mankind. We at EYT brings the most absolute version of your crumpled idea. We believe in picking your brains, bending it with current business scenarios, latest and most apt scientific know-how. Further serving you with a draft of what your dream product will look like.


The Skeletal Scheme of the Application.

After the thorough brainstorming & requirement analysis, we take our next move. That’s giving a well grounded shape to a reality that once was a dream of you. Interface design (UX) and interaction with the customer, creates staisfaction. We at EYT work from scratch for our customers to tailor made designs, and beyond.


So once we have amass the whole idea & its wireframes, we move towards the main working of the application, interactive navigation and theming, etc. Agile Development is what makes us flexible and helps us meet our client’s need.


Testing is one area we tend to focus on, the most. It helps in kowing the working & feasibility of the application. Untill we are sure of the app we are working on, we do not move forward with the next sprint. So the application goes through various stages in testing to satisfy not only the business team working on it but also the customer’s aspirations.


The product goes through various code quality analysis tools in the previous stage and using CI, is automatically integrate with the production build(s). We finish our work with perfection, or atleast try to exceed your expectations, just before your product goes Prime time.

So What’s next?

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