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Why online businesses should move to progressive web apps sooner!

Have you ever thought how easy it would be if a mobile site or a website starts serving the functionalities of an app? If yes, then you guessed it right. We are talking about Progressive Web App. Progressive Web App (PWA) is yet another sensation in the world of internet that has brought a revolution in how we use web. It is a latest catchword, that one should include in his current vocabulary list so as to flaunt his tech knowledge.

Now what exactly is a Progressive Web App?


PWA is basically a perfect combination of regular web pages and mobile application that will provide a seamless experience to a user as it uses the latest web technologies. This concept has already been used by many social networking and ecommerce giants like Twitter, Alibaba, Linkedin and Forbes etc. According to the latest reports, Progressive Web App has helped these businesses to grow by retaining as well as increasing their customers in a substantial way. The benefits of a Progressive Web App are multifarious. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Rapid: PWA loads all the cached data within microseconds even if the network is poor. They are much more responsive than normal pages or apps. Thanks to Accelerated Mobile Pages combined with PWA that helps to load the pages instantly.
  • Dependable: whether you are going on a vacation near a mountain or a desert, you don’t have to worry about browsing as PWA’s offline mode will allow the users to browse even with poor or no connectivity. A user will never have to experience that annoying chrome dinosaur.
  • Engrossing: The smooth and continuous experience that PWA offers using web push notifications keeps a user engrossed, also PWA doesn’t require any download making the whole experience effortless.
  • Adds a shortcut to Home screen: Once a user becomes more and more interactive with PWA, he can easily add its shortcut to his mobile home screen giving an app feel.

These are only some out of many advantages of PWA. Keeping these merits in mind more and more businesses should shift their focus towards developing a Progressive Web App. As discussed earlier a PWA when compared to a traditional mobile app will help in increasing the conversion rates of new users to some other level, hence improving their situations in this competitive market.



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