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How a Font Can Change Your Life

I get it. You’re still unsure whether your company or small business really needs a modern website or not. Can’t social media take care of it and fill in the gaps of your projections? Is it really worth it to have mobile app capabilities for a brand perhaps not immediately relevant in the “techie” genre? Yes. A resounding yes, my friend.

New post by eytech

I’m using yellow to inspire your curiosity.

If you’ve ever looked up what color shirt you should wear to a job interview, then you already understand the basic premise of subconscious marketing. What you’re not seeing, however, are the times an internet user (ie. 3 billion humans and counting) tries to direct themselves to your business and promptly gives up after finding you have a less-than-stellar online presence. Things may look good, but are they functional? If they’re functional, are they polished? Some particularly antsy users will take their business elsewhere if you’re not included in the top three search results.

We are a culture of magpies, much more so than ever before. Our habits are quick, varied, and unapologetic. However, don’t let that dishearten you. On the contrary, this knowledge means you are more capable than ever to succeed where you may have otherwise failed without the resources of the present day. Sometimes success means asking for help. Perhaps the best place to start seeking help is in your online persona, with qualified developers and agents who can give you all the details it might take you months to obtain otherwise. We all know EYTech can provide real results for your small or large business, but instead of adding heavy-handed persuasion to the already overflowing number of things on your plate, let’s just take a moment to close our eyes and breathe.

Now, do you happen to remember the colors and fonts of your favorite programming as a youth? I hope I’m not alone in saying, “Absolutely!”. Media evokes a sense of colorful brands and feelings that lay dormant in people’s minds until moments or decades later. Every brand’s job is to stick that perfect landing in their consumers’ psyche until the color and symbol are synonymous with the product or service. It’s the reason Americans think of orange on the first day of October. It’s the reason I can still clearly recall the “nearly tubular” coloring and wipe effects from my favorite 90’s show’s intro. We all know what someone means when they describe a drippy font from the credits of their favorite horror movie.

With a myriad of decisions hiding under the surface, web design can seem like bobbing for apples in a vast, endless lake. In this day and age, with the option of being remembered in a never-ending slew of changing information, it’s less of a question of “how” than of “when” you should expand yourself and your brand.

The good news is, organizations like EYTech can do all the legwork for you, leaving you to focus on your vision.

Imagine having your best year ever, all because of a few colors and functionality. Seems crazy, right? Welcome to 2017. Good luck, and we’ll see you on the other side!


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