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How EYTECH helped in Building Better and Stronger Plaintiff Cases

Greg Stannard has thirty years of exclusively civil litigation in California and Federal Courts. When Greg came to EYTech, he had been looking for a web design firm to assist with the design and development of his Legal consulting services website —

The concept of the website has been focused on just one thing: Formulating the very best presentation of a client’s case, in simple, emotive, and persuasive ways; effectively using visual and photographic tools, along with highly persuasive writing, which are the product of decades advocating for clients in civil litigation. It supplements the written word with technology that can dramatically leverage the value of your case and to showcase his experience of Hundreds of mediations, thirty civil jury trials to verdict, hundreds of law and motion matters, more than twenty appeals.

Greg engaged EYTECH web development services for this task. The purpose of this engagement was to design & develop a website for the Legal consulting services. Further a Mobile Devices Responsive design was the key to its adaptability.

Industry Focus: #Law, #Insurance, #Legal Consulting

EYTech delivered an intuitive website which fulfilled the requirements. Various features like introductory full screen header, contact forms, various services section and personalized program design and more were developed.

We started by defining the underlying assumptions around who the customers are, what they want, how they will find the service, and how they will actually use it.

More than half a dozen discovery and consulting meetings were held where we drafted Greg’s vision into wireframes. We were ahead in providing our ideas to make this vision a success and designed the complete work scopes before starting to develop the platform.

Delivering Results. Integrate the desired functionality without impairing website performance or aesthetics — our developers obsess over how to make the project fit within the existing structure, and this obsession informs every aspect of the development process. It pays off in the end, when we drop our feature into your website for a seamless upgrade.

Technology Stack: PHP, WordPress, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX.

Why Choose EYTech? We offer the most desired assistance needed to grow — Having the functionality needed is great, but what about making an adjustment? We’ll be right there with you, offering ongoing technical support. Our developers will be familiar with the code, which helps them work quickly to help with upgrades, customizations, and troubleshooting. The result: everything keeps running smoothly.

We’ll go beyond giving you the functionality you need. An obsession with figuring out how to work well within your existing framework guides our entire development process. Our developers will add the feature we create for you in a way that complements your vision.

Have a Project in Mind? Get Started.

In the event that you have a thought for your next venture idea, our intuitive project planner can help you give the assessment about the components and speculation required. Select your preferences through the planner and just fill in the contact form toward the end on the off chance that you like what we offer. Start here!

— EY Technologies.

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We hope that you take the time to get to know us, and we would like to get to know you too!


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