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How Do You Define Happiness & Success?

“Y’all pop the trunk, I pop the hood –
Ferrari And she got the goods
And she got that a**, I got to look — sorry!
Yo it’s gots to be cause I’m seasoned
Haters give me them salty looks — Lawry’s
50 told me, go ‘head, switch the style up
And if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up
The good life
Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine (Now throw yo’ hands up in the sky)
Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine”

I rock Tom Ford
International bring back the Concorde
Numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard

Tom Ford
Tom Ford
Tom Ford
Tom Ford
Tom Ford

Hands down got the best flow
Sound I’m so special
Sound boy burial

The artists’ and their lyrics certainly reflect much of the modern concept of success and happiness. just go for yours and everything will fall into place. Or have a lot of material things and you will automatically be happy.

How Do You Define Happiness & Success?

I have to be honest and say that when I post expensive things on my Snapchat, it gets a hell of a lot of views. But when I post the process of how I got there, barely no views. Everyone wants to shine like a diamond but don’t want the pressure. I’ll talk more about that later in another post!

Most answers about happiness & success usually center around living “the good life with money in your pocket.” That seems to be something to agree on. Who doesn’t want the finer things in life?

Lets see how some look at happiness.

  1. Aristotle said life should be about reaching Eudemonia. Eudemonia is a magical blend of moral virtues and cultivating the right balance between these virtues to create excellent character in yourself.
  2. This is how famous psychologist Martin Seligman defines happiness in 3 “very different” routes.

First the Pleasant Life, consisting in having as many pleasures as possible and having the skills to amplify the pleasures. This is, of course, the only true kind of happiness on the Hollywood view.

Second, the Good Life, which consists in knowing what your signature strengths are, and then recrafting your work, love, friendship, leisure and parenting to use those strengths to have more flow in life.

Third, the Meaningful Life, which consists of using your signature strengths in the service of something that you believe is larger than you are.”

3. John Wooden says that happiness is how you remember your past and how you got to where you are today.

“You are the only one who knows whether you have won. I always wanted my students to know that it was up to each of them to become as good as they could become with the gifts and talents they had been given and in the circumstances in which they found themselves.”-John Wooden

4. Entrepreneur Evan Asano has a perspective on happiness:

We think we want happiness, we’re told we should want happiness, we’re surrounded by images of happiness and so we chase it. We see happy people and imagine the lives they live and what brings them there: money, success, love, attractiveness, etc. We imagine these people spring out of bed in the morning, don’t know the meaning of “the Mondays,” have never been tempted by the snooze bar on their alarm, smile their way through meetings, and skip to work every day.

But we don’t actually want happiness. Happiness is the result of conditions in your life, sometimes it lasts for a moment or a concert or a night out or a vacation. Sometimes more. But ultimately we’re faced with the reality that life isn’t happiness. And life shouldn’t be just happiness because life is so much more.

But wanting happiness is part of the illusion that steers so many people in the wrong direction. We think we want money but what we actually want is the security and freedom that comes with having enough money. We think we want to be attractive but what we really want is to feel valued and loved. We think we want success but what we really want is to contribute to something in a meaningful way and be recognized for that contribution.

What we really want is fulfillment.

And the rub of life is that fulfillment is so much harder to find than happiness, but it sticks in a way that happiness can’t.

When you’re on the right path in life, you’ll have that feeling of fulfillment. And you’ll know fulfillment when you feel it. Chase that and not happiness.

5. As we know, Kanye and many others see happiness “as getting mine” and then after that you will shine.

Is the target life satisfaction? Is the good life and meaningful life are actually related to life satisfaction? Astonishingly, however, the amount of pleasure in life did not add to life satisfaction.

Of course, not everyone agrees on HOW to get there. Christianity lays out one route. Buddhism another. Islam a different path. And Agnostics come up with their own theory. Every entrepreneur have had a system that may have worked for them, and it might not work for others.

Well, how will you define success and happiness in 2017 and beyond? Do you judge by who has the biggest bank account? Or by life satisfaction?

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