getting paid well for services
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You Charge A Lot Of Money For Your Services

In Jon’s f*ck you, pay me piece, he explained that the analogy that some people use is “If you don’t help me for free, you’re a bad person.”

In a email from a potential client, we explained the prices of building websites, and the response was this:

“We are a small business and you guys charge way too much.”

When you are in business, that’s definitely going to happen from time to time. Some may try to make you feel guilty for your prices for your services.

On the other hand, we’ve had clients who’s happily paid the price of the services, no problem.

getting paid well for services

Here’s my story.

I was at a Children Museum event December 13th, 2016. I mentioned to a few organizations that I was looking for a team in the Indianapolis area. When one of the guys found out that we build websites, he asked us if we would be willing to create a website for free.

Yes, there’s times when I volunteer and perform services for free. It depends on the situation and if I’m lead to. However for this one I couldn’t say a straight up yes.

EYTech is not a one person company. I couldn’t just say “yes” and expect the whole team to be on board. It wouldn’t happen unless we were all on board and talked about it. I didn’t even mention this to my team. I am still interested in volunteering, and building a relationship first.

The simplest way I can put it so people can understand? Imagine if you went to work, and at the end of the week, the boss says “Your paycheck isn’t coming, all the weeks’ hours is going in as volunteer hours for the company. Have a great weekend.”

You probably be ready to break necks, kick butt, fuss, scream and holler until you got that paycheck, correct?

In other words, you wouldn’t work for free, why would you expect us to give our services away like they are worth nothing? Some may argue that you should do a freebie here and there to build up experience and for the sake of exposure.

Ok. They might have a point. But. I will say that doing a freebie should be your choice, and no one should guilt you into doing something for free.

Instead of inventing a long list of what to do in the situation, I added this video that explains it spot on.

No, they won’t understand how long it will take you to build their product from scratch. No they won’t understand the time you have to put into it. They won’t understand that you too, have other employees, bills and a life to pay for. By addressing fears and explaining how you will add value to them, you can educate your clients on why you’re charging at the top of the market (See Sethi’s video above!)

And honestly, if you gave it away for free, do you really think they will follow through on their end? There’s something about making people pay that springs them into action.

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