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Building a perfect 3D Printing Marketplace for Talent & Projects

Sinter3D is an easy-to-use 3D Printing marketplace and exchange that is a truly collaborative, open space to hire the range of 3D services now available from around the world. The result for community members is obvious — lower prices and even more materials. For designers and service providers, the platform allows to win projects, sell models, and perform small jobs and quick fix-ups and make money. Unlike other marketplaces, new and experienced 3D shoppers and designers will have something for them.

Sinter3D will have features and tools for all types of users. The Sinter3D platform will allow anyone to get custom-made 3D printed and designer products they envision from top designers and service providers from around the world.

Sinter3D makes room for more shoppers and users than ever before to express ideas and earn revenue through through the world’s first standardized, service-oriented marketplace for on-demand 3D printing services and products.


Given the impact the maker movement is having on manufacturing, Sinter3D allows for a more dynamic workflow and organic ordering and interaction system with flexible, non-organogram user roles & interactions that support a flexible marketplace to help meet flexible jobs and appeal to mass market. We want to build a community & platform that will allow literally anyone to make money from home with their 3D printers and find professionals & people to build their dreams & build future products.


We are leveraging Web 2.0 standards to bring the platform to life. Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, the platform has been integrated with online payment gateways including PayPal, cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, shopping carts, and more features.

Industry Focus: #3DPrinting, 3D Printing & Designing Marketplace

EY Technologies designed the website to be something very modern, user friendly and mobile responsive. The concept of a “3D Printing marketplace for projects and talents” was brought into shape. The website was further Search Engine optimized for google and other popular search engines.

Delivering Results. Integrate the desired functionality without impairing website performance or aesthetics — our developers obsess over how to make the project fit within the existing structure, and this obsession informs every aspect of the development process. It pays off in the end, when we drop our feature into your website for a seamless upgrade.


Why Choose EYTech?

We offer the most desired assistance needed to grow — Having the functionality needed is great, but what about making an adjustment? We’ll be right there with you, offering ongoing technical support. Our developers will be familiar with the code, which helps them work quickly to help with upgrades, customizations, and troubleshooting. The result: everything keeps running smoothly.

We’ll go beyond giving you the functionality you need. An obsession with figuring out how to work well within your existing framework guides our entire development process. Our developers will add the feature we create for you in a way that complements your vision.

Have a Project in Mind? Get Started.

In the event that you have a thought for your next venture idea, our intuitive project planner can help you give the assessment about the components and speculation required. Select your preferences through the planner and just fill in the contact form toward the end on the off chance that you like what we offer. Start here!

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