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How Much is Your Reputation Worth to You?

Not just for the public relations experts anymore. Owners of digital-facing businesses know that their reputation is worth a lot, but online reputation is still something that affects us all. In this digital age, you guessed … Read More

Business owners, what is SSL?

Chances are, you have heard about it already. I’m talking about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most ubiquitous security protocol online. You know the green padlock icon that shows in the address bar of your chosen … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Great People Backing You Up

Have you heard of want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, you should have a team? Even with being an independent person, it’s true that you can’t do everything by … Read More

Meet EYT

Hello! We are EYTech. Nice to meet you!

EYT is an Indianapolis web design agency focused on truly collaborative & interactive solutions for creating beautiful, engaging web, app products & digital experiences.

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You Charge A Lot Of Money For Your Services

In Jon’s f*ck you, pay me piece, he explained that the analogy that some people use is “If you don’t help me for free, you’re a bad person.”

In a … Read More

It’s Not Sexy To Talk About The Work

Have you noticed that successful people post tons of photos of themselves living the life, but very few photos of them actually doing the work to get there?

Is it really sexy … Read More

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want A Happy & Successful Business

Any successful business owner with integrity knows that in order to do great business, you’ve got to create a winning environment for clients. If you notice, some businesses unfortunately focus on the “I” instead of “them.”

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How a Font Can Change Your Life

I get it. You’re still unsure whether your company or small business really needs a modern website or not. Can’t social media take care of it and fill in the gaps of your projections? Is it really worth it to … Read More

Dogs with Cell Phones

Amidst the slumbering of winter, we techies emerged into the New Year with the promise of change, as we always do. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Whatever rabid goal may possess you this 2017, I hope … Read More

How To Be More Likable In Business & In Life

Do you wonder why some people are likeable and people just flock to them like no tomorrow. Guess what? I still wonder the same thing actually!

Here’s what I came across as … Read More