Author: Divyanshu Chaturvedi

chatbots for Retails
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Why do we need Chatbots for Retail Brands?

In today’s era, where technology is expanding exponentially Chatbot is the next big sensation. We are already dependent on machines…

progressive web app
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Why online businesses should move to progressive web apps sooner!

Have you ever thought how easy it would be if a mobile site or a website starts serving the functionalities…

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How Much is Your Reputation Worth to You?

Not just for the public relations experts anymore. Owners of digital-facing businesses know that their reputation is worth a lot,…

What is SSL
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Business owners, what is SSL?

Chances are, you have heard about it already. I’m talking about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most ubiquitous security protocol…


3 Reasons Why You Should Have Great People Backing You Up

Have you heard of want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, you should have…

getting paid well for services

You Charge A Lot Of Money For Your Services

In Jon’s f*ck you, pay me piece, he explained that the analogy that some people use is “If you don’t…


It’s Not Sexy To Talk About The Work

Have you noticed that successful people post tons of photos of themselves living the life, but very few photos of…

Ecommerce store

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want A Happy & Successful Business

Any successful business owner with integrity knows that in order to do great business, you’ve got to create a winning…

New post by eytech
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How a Font Can Change Your Life

I get it. You’re still unsure whether your company or small business really needs a modern website or not. Can’t…