Month: January 2017


It’s Not Sexy To Talk About The Work

Have you noticed that successful people post tons of photos of themselves living the life, but very few photos of…

Ecommerce store

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want A Happy & Successful Business

Any successful business owner with integrity knows that in order to do great business, you’ve got to create a winning…

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Web Design

How a Font Can Change Your Life

I get it. You’re still unsure whether your company or small business really needs a modern website or not. Can’t…

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Business Tech

Dogs with Cell Phones

Amidst the slumbering of winter, we techies emerged into the New Year with the promise of change, as we always…

likable in business

How To Be More Likable In Business & In Life

Do you wonder why some people are likeable and people just flock to them like no tomorrow. Guess what? I…


Quick Tips I Learned About Following Up

When I first joined EYTech, my business partner and the co-founder Divyanshu Chaturvedi suggested that we follow up on emails…


Tips For Struggling Entrepreneurs (From Other Entrepreneurs)

As usual, I was on Quora on Saturday, Dec 3rd, and I got to writing. I googled the question “tips…

New Year

Not A New Year’s Resolution Person? Try These Instead.

Every time New Years come around, we start to see those “What are your New Years Resolutions” questions. In January,…

likable in business

How Do You Define Happiness & Success?

“Y’all pop the trunk, I pop the hood – Ferrari And she got the goods And she got that a**,…