Month: December 2016

Adventure Mooning web design by EYTech
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Building an Adventure Sports Wear & Getaways listing website — Adventure Mooning

What the project “Adventure Mooning” was all about. Poised to become the only stop for Adventure sports deals, clothing, adventure…

to do list
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Struggling With Your To-do List? Put EYTech On Your “Nice” List!

Imagine — It’s December 31st, 2017. You’re at peace. You look back at this amazing year, and see: Your best financial year…

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Don’t Be Blindsided. Why Your Non-Popular Posts Are Surprisingly Getting You Leads

Quick story. I noticed this year that my Instagram really grew. It’s my first year that I’ve noticed more engagement….

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How EYTECH helped in Building Better and Stronger Plaintiff Cases

Greg Stannard has thirty years of exclusively civil litigation in California and Federal Courts. When Greg came to EYTech, he…

Hacks On Focusing
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Hacks On Focusing!

One of the biggest reasons our generation is having a hard time getting ahead is because we have overdeveloped our…

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Building a perfect 3D Printing Marketplace for Talent & Projects

Sinter3D is an easy-to-use 3D Printing marketplace and exchange that is a truly collaborative, open space to hire the range of…